Jailbird ToS/ToU

Scrimshaw/Jailbird @Chatlands, DEV0UT @dA

as of 07/17/2016, my ToS/ToU are as follows:


commission ToS
-payment comes before or after, agreements can be made on larger payments
-you may request a progress sketch
-you will not receive the full art piece until payment is received
-no refunds once sketch is confirmed

character ToS
-no refunds, it is possible I may buy back if I am interested at the time
-abide by the ToU/ToS specific to that character if applicable


art that I have made
-credit me
-contacting before sale to include it is not necessary, but do not add onto the price if it is a gift or trade
-do not sell individually
-do not sell with a character other than the character it was made for
-modding allowed, do not drastically change
-ask for permission to use on sites other than Chatlands and DeviantART

characters I have made/originally owned
-contact me regarding the resale/trade/give away of said character
-in most cases, I would like the opportunity to buy or trade for the character back
-some characters may hold their own specific ToS, check the topic from which you received them from or the PM in which I told you it
-contact me about the modification of the design, usually I do not mind but it is safe to contact me anyway

characters I only previously owned
-follow the original artist/owner's ToS unless stated otherwise
-it would be COURTEOUS of you to tell me where the character goes after you, but it is not necessary.
-it would also be nice if I were given the opportunity to get the character back from you, if I am interested

( Made with Carrd )